Why does Wang Lung buy eggs and sugar?

Why does Wang Lung buy eggs and sugar?

The day after the son is born, O-lan gets up to prepare food, but does not go out to the land to work with Wang Lung. Wang Lung goes to town to buy eggs and red sugar. Because Wang Lung does not gamble away his money or spend it extravagantly like some villagers, he is able to sell his grain at the best price

What is the lesson of the Good Earth?

The overarching theme of The Good Earth is the nourishing power of the land. Throughout the novel, a connection to the land is associated with moral piety, good sense, respect for nature, and a strong work ethic, while alienation from the land is associated with decadence and corruption.

Why does Wang Lung rent the house of Hwang?

Wang Lung’s uncle and his uncle’s wife eagerly accept the opium Wang Lung buys for them. Wang Lung’s oldest son comes up with the suggestion that Wang Lung rent the old great house of the Hwang family and allow the family of Wang Lung’s uncle to stay in the present house

What happens to the second infant daughter born to Wang Lung and O-lan?

Second Daughter O-lan kills this daughter as soon as she is born. She is born right in the middle of the famine, so there was no way she was going to make it through the trek South. O-lan kills her to spare her suffering, to make the trip easier, or both.

What happens to Wang Lung’s field of crops?

The rains are late in coming, and the drought destroys most of Wang Lung’s crops. The drought drives the House of Hwang further into financial ruin, and Wang Lung is able to purchase a tract of land from the Hwangs that is twice as large as the last one.

What healed Wang Lung’s sickness?

Chapter 22 After Wang Lung has somewhat abated his infatuation for Lotus Flower, he is able to return to the land and is healed of his sickness of love by the good dark earth . . .

What is O-lan suffering from?

Illness and death Wang Lung summons the town’s doctor who says among other things, that she has a tumor in her abdomen and worms in her heart. The doctor says then that it will cost 500 pieces of silver to help her, but, O-lan refuses, saying good land could be bought with that money.

What did Wang Lung feel on the morning after the wedding night?

The morning after his wedding night, Wang Lung suddenly wonders whether his new wife likes him. When she brings him a bowl of tea, a luxury for a poor farmer, he rejoices that she seems to feel kindly toward him. Wang Lung settles into married life with contentment and pleasure.

Why was The Good Earth important?

The Good Earth broke symbolic literary ground. It became an instant bestseller in the United States, was translated into more than 30 languages and soon became an acclaimed Broadway play and motion picture.

What does the earth represent in The Good Earth?

It is symbolic how O-lan the wife, tending to the structure of the farmland house (a symbol itself in the Wang family) uses the earth from the fields to mend the walls of the house–thus the ailments of the house are healed by the richness of the land.

Why is The Good Earth banned in China?

Why was it banned? The Good Earth was banned by Mao Zedong for presenting an unromantic agrarian viewpoint, which is interesting considering his failed land policies led to one of the worst famines of all time.

What is the main conflict in The Good Earth?

major conflict Wang Lung’s desire for wealth and status clashes with his simple respect for the earth and his adherence to old Chinese traditions of religious and filial piety. Later, Wang comes into conflict with his uncle’s family and with his children, as they exploit his wealth and disregard his wishes.

Why does Wang Lung move to the House of Hwang?

After the ravages of opium, Wang Lung’s uncle is on the verge of death, and the uncle’s wife hopes that if their son comes home that Wang Lung will find a bride suitable for him so that he might carry on the family name. When the uncle dies, Wang Lung has the uncle’s wife brought to the great house in town.

Why was O-lan living in the house of Hwang?

Until she married Wang Lung, she was a slave in the House of Hwang. Not only that, but she had to beg in the streets as a child. When that didn’t work, her parents sold her into slavery. ‘I was sold to a great house so that my parents could return to their home’ (13.21).

Why did Wang Lung take the money?

Why did Wang Lung take the money? He took the money because he was thinking about saving his child and that he wants to go back to his home, farmland.

Why did Ching move in with Wang Lung?

Summary: Chapter 17 Wang Lung buys more livestock and builds new rooms for his house. He purchases Ching’s land and invites him to live with the family and work for them. The land is so extensive that Wang Lung must hire more laborers, and he puts the trustworthy Ching in charge of them.

What has happened to Wang Lung and O-LAN’s first daughter?

Poor Fool. Still, it’s not all roses for Wang Lung’s first daughter: she becomes intellectually disabled as a result of the hardships brought about by the famine. She just doesn’t get food.

Did Wang Lung sell his daughter?

Ching’s wife has died, and he gave his daughter to a soldier rather than see her starve. Wang Lung gives Ching some seed to plant his land and offers to plow it for him. Wang Lung learns that his uncle sold all of his daughters

Did o-LAN kill her baby?

O-Lan kills her second daughter at birth to spare her the misery of growing up in such hard times, and to give the remaining family a better chance to survive.

How many grandchildren does Wang Lung have?

five grandsons

What does Wang Lung blame his bad fortune on?

Wang Lung knows that he’s wiser and more responsible than his uncle, but he’s too polite to transgress traditions of respect for family and for elders. His uncle blames his misfortune not only on luck, but also on his wife, refusing to take any blame himself. He tries to guilt-trip Wang Lung.

When did Wang Lung return to his land?

Summary and Analysis Chapters 22-24. After Wang Lung has somewhat abated his infatuation for Lotus Flower, he is able to return to the land and is healed of his sickness of love by the good dark earth . . .

What happened to the dead child the good earth?

Wang Lung leaves in complete despair. It becomes clear that O-lan killed her own child, which is probably most merciful, though she likely wouldn’t have done this if it were a boy. Wang Lung’s tragedy reaches a new low, as he can’t even protect his dead child.

What happened at the end of the story to Wang Lung’s uncle family members?

Wang Lung entrusts the family finances to the second son. In time, Wang Lung’s uncle dies and is buried in the family plot

What always heals Wang Lung when he has troubles?

Earth 15: Wang Lung forgets the land for awhile when he is sick in love with Lotus. When Lotus comes to his house, he is plagued by various domestic problems, but when the waters in the fields recede and Wang Lung is able to work his land, he is immediately healed of his sickness.

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