Why did settlers move west in the 1800s?

Why did settlers move west in the 1800s?

Gold rush and mining opportunities (silver in Nevada) The opportunity to work in the cattle industry; to be a cowboy Faster travel to the West by railroad; availability of supplies due to the railroad. The opportunity to own land cheaply under the Homestead Act.

What economic opportunities drew large numbers?

What economic opportunities drew large numbers of people to the Great Plains beginning in the mid-1800s? The economic opportunities showed up was the chance to acquire more gold and other riches. All the settlers wanted to make it big in the west coast.

For whom and to what extent was the American West a land of opportunity from 1865 to 1900?

During the period from 1865-1890, Americans completed the settlement of the West. For the farmers and ranchers, the American West was a land of opportunity because land was cheap and the Homestead Act provided land to farmers, including immigrants and blacks, in order to grow crops, raise cattle and make a profit.

What economic opportunity initially drew the most migrants to the West?

agricultural economy

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