Which is example of network solid?

Which is example of network solid?

Examples of network solids include diamond with a continuous network of carbon atoms and silicon dioxide or quartz with a continuous three-dimensional network of SiO2 units.

Which is an example of a network solid sic S?

One common examples of network solids are diamond (a form of pure carbon) Carbon exists as a pure element at room temperature in three different forms: graphite (the most stable form), diamond, and fullerene.

Which solid is known as network solid?

We know that each carbon atom forms covalent bonds with other three carbon atoms and hence the resultant structure is called a network solid as it is spread in three dimensions in space. So, the correct answer is option (C) Diamond

Which of following is a network solid *?

Hence, you can find that option c) is the correct answer for the given question. Note:Graphite another crystalline allotrope of carbon is also an example for a network solid. Graphite is a macromolecule of carbon atoms covalently bonded to three other carbon atoms forming hexagonal sheets.

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