Where is insolation highest at Earth’s surface?

Where is insolation highest at Earth’s surface?

the equator

How much insolation is absorbed by Earth’s surface?

In total approximately 70% of incoming radiation is absorbed by the atmosphere and the Earth’s surface while around 30% is reflected back to space and does not heat the surface.

Where is the highest insolation on Earth?

the Equator

Why is insolation the highest at the equator?

Annual insolation is very high at the Equator because the Sun passes directly overhead at noon every day throughout the year. So even though the pole does not receive direct sunlight for six months of the year, it still receives nearly half the amount of annual solar radiation as the Equator.

Where is most insolation absorbed?

The surface of the Earth absorbs 51 percent of the insolation. Water vapor and dust account for 16 percent of the energy absorbed. The other 3 percent is absorbed by clouds.

Where is most insolation absorbed by the Earth?

At the Equator there is a year round gain of Insolation and this region gains the most Insolation of all of the locations on the globe. The amount of Insolation at the Equator also varies little throughout the year.

What percentage of insolation heats the Earth’s surface?

This is called insolation. Insolation is solar radiation received in the Earth’s atmosphere or at its surface. Only approximately 52 per cent of this insolation reaches the earth’s surface.

What percentage of Earth’s insolation is absorbed by land and water?

~50% of the incoming energy is absorbed by the earth’s surface i.e. the land and oceans. ~30% is directly reflected back to space by clouds, the earth’s surface and different gases and particles in the atmosphere (the earth’s albedo is 0.3 on average). ~20% is absorbed by the atmosphere and clouds.

What is insolation what percent of insulation is absorbed by the atmosphere?

Absorbed by atmosphere: 17.5% Scattered to the Earth from the blue sky: 10.5% Scattered to the Earth from clouds: 14.5%

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