Where does Hannah live in Devil’s Arithmetic?

Where does Hannah live in Devil’s Arithmetic?

New Rochelle, NY

What year does the Devil’s Arithmetic take place?


What is the plot of The Devil’s Arithmetic?

In Jane Yolen’s novel, The Devil’s Arithmetic, a girl from a Jewish family in New Rochelle, New York, finds herself magically transported to a village in Europe during World War II. The villagers, all Jewish, are taken by Nazi soldiers to a concentration camp.

Where was the Devil’s Arithmetic filmed?

Vilnius, Lithuania

Where is Hannah in The Devil’s Arithmetic?

New Rochelle, New York

Where is Hannah’s hometown?

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Who does Hannah live with in The Devil’s Arithmetic?

Hana Brady is a thirteen year old girl that was sent to German’s concentration camp. Hana lived with her parent and brother George Brady in the city 0f Novte Mesto. As time goes by, life started to change for the Brady’s family.

What happens to Hannah parents in The Devil’s Arithmetic?

However, once Hannah opens the front door she is transported to 1940’s Poland. There, a girl named Rivkah tells Hannah that her parents have been killed by the fever. Rivkah and her mother Mina further explain their living conditions. Soon, the synagogue is ablaze as Rivkah and Hannah are put inside a transport.

How old is Hannah from The Devil’s Arithmetic?


When was Hannah Stern born?

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What is the Devil’s Arithmetic based on?

‘The Devil’s Arithmetic” is based on Jane Yolen’s popular 1988 young people’s novel of the same name and bears the imprimatur of Dustin Hoffman, who is one of the film’s executive producers.

What is the main idea of the Devil’s Arithmetic?

The central theme of The Devil’s Arithmetic is the importance and power of memory. At the opening of the novel, Hannah is bored and frustrated by her relatives’ constant need to remember the past; she cannot understand why her grandparent’s memories are so important to them.

What was the climax of The Devil’s Arithmetic?

The Climax of the story is when Chaya and Gitl try to escape from the concentration camps.

What is the ending of Devil’s Arithmetic?

She embraces her aunt Eva and calls her Rivka, to her astonishment. They speak privately and Hannah fills in details she did not previously know. The movie ends with the entire family singing traditional songs at the table – the teenage Hannah is no longer alienated but is now part of the family.

What is the conflict in the Devil’s Arithmetic?

In The Devil’s Arithmetic, the internal conflict of Chaya having to make a risky choice to let innocent people live is helped by the setting of a concentration camp during the Holocaust in the 1930s and 40s. The character Aunt Eva, known as Rivka, was saved by Chaya.

What year did Devil’s Arithmetic take place?

New Rochelle, NY

Why is it called Devil’s Arithmetic?


How old is Hannah in The Devil’s Arithmetic movie?

Rogue Kat It’s explained in the book, why the title is The Devil’s Arithmetic. The death of each Jew is added to the Devil’s abacus. In the book, she also refers to it as being the days of survival in the concentration camp added up, one by one.

Who is Hannah in The Devil’s Arithmetic?

The Devils Arithmetic

Who is Hannah brother in The Devil’s Arithmetic?

Grandpa Dan is Hannah and Aaron’s grandfather on their mother’s side.

How is Grandpa Dan related to Hannah in The Devil’s Arithmetic?

Sixteen-year-old Long Island teenager, Hannah Stern (Kirsten Dunst), accompanies her mother (Mimi Rogers) and father to visit Aunt Eva (Louise Fletcher) for the Jewish holiday celebration of Passover.

How does Hannah Chaya remember her number?

New Rochelle, New York

Who is Grandpa will in the devil arithmetic?

Hannah saw the number on grandpa will’s arm so one day she got a ballpoint pen and wrote numbers on her wrist really hard to resemble his concentration camp tattoo .

What happened in Chapter 13 of The Devil’s Arithmetic?

The Devils Arithmetic

Who has Hannah become Devil’s Arithmetic?

New Rochelle, NY

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