What was the main idea of the Puritan Dilemma?

What was the main idea of the Puritan Dilemma?

The Puritan dilemma itself was the problem of how much loyalty a moral person owes to a society, or church, that may be considered corrupt.

What did John Winthrop think about the Puritans?

Winthrop’s fortunate early life helped him carve a role as a leader and governor. He was a passionately religious Puritan, and he truly believed that the Puritans were meant to make a religious utopia, a ‘City Upon a Hill’, in New England in order to prove their worth to the rest of the world.

What was the Puritan Dilemma quizlet?

The Puritans feared the king would return England to Catholicism. Parliament could eventually lead a way for the English to break away from the Pope and Roman Catholic Church.

What did Winthrop argue?

Like other prominent Puritans, Winthrop dedicated himself to remaking, as far as possible, the wicked world as he saw it, arguing that the life which is most exercised with tryalls and temptations is the sweetest, and will prove the safeste.

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