What suffix means binding or fixation?

What suffix means binding or fixation?


What word root means surgical fixation?


What is the suffix meaning of surgical removal?


Which suffix means binding fixation of a bone or joint )? Quizlet?

71. Which suffix means binding, fixation (of a bone or joint)? 72. The suffix -stomy indicates a surgical procedure.

What is the suffix for fixation of an organ?

Pexy. Surgical suffix meaning fixation (of an organ)

Which of the following terms has a suffix that means surgical fixation?


Which suffix means separation?

The suffix ‘-lysis’ means ‘destruction, separation, or breakdown. ‘ One sign that can appear in the blood is ‘hemolysis. ‘ This term means ‘destruction or breakdown of the red blood cells. ‘

Which word part means surgical fixation?


Which of the following is the suffix for surgical fixation?

SUFFIXMEANINGEXAMPLE OF USE IN MEDICAL TERMS-desissurgical fixation, fusionarthrodesis-dromerun, runningsyndrome

What is the suffix meaning surgical repair?


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