What is Y =- 3x 5 on a graph?

What is Y =- 3x 5 on a graph?

linear function

What type of function is Y =- 3x 5?

linear function
Since this is a linear function, its graph is a straight line stretching from – infinity to infinity on both x and y axes, hence domain and range is all real numbers from – infinity to infinity

What is the slope y 3x 5?

The equation yu22123x+5 is in slope intercept form, and represents a straight line in which -3 is the slope, and 5 is the y -intercept.

What is the y-intercept for y =- 3x 5?

linear function

What is the slope of 3x y =- 5?


How do you graph the equation y 3x 5?

Is Y =- 3x 5 a linear function?

Explanation: yu22123x+5 is in the slope-intercept form for a linear equation, ymx+b , where m is the slope and b is the y-intercept.

Is y 3x 5 a linear equation variable?

y = 3x + 5 is a linear equation in two variables and it has infinite possible solutions.

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