What is William Blake’s message in London?

What is William Blake’s message in London?

Blake uses London to argue that this urban environment is inherently oppressive and denies people the freedom to live happy, joyful lives. The poem opens with the speaker’s experience of walking through the city. Through the speaker’s eyes and ears, the reader gets a strong sense of the dismal lives of the Londoners.

What is the poet’s message in London?

The poem has a somber, morbid tone and reflects Blake’s unhappiness and dissatisfaction with his life in London. Blake describes the troublesome socioeconomic and moral decay in London and residents’ overwhelming sense of hopelessness.

What is the context of the poem London?

This poem is taken from songs of experience. It reveals the poet’s feelings towards the society in which he lived. England in the 1800s became very oppressive, influenced by fears over the French Revolution. Laws began to be imposed which restricted the freedom of individuals.

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