What is the upper house and lower house called?

What is the upper house and lower house called?

Congress is made up of two houses, just the way most of the state legislatures are made up. The upper house is called the Senate, and the lower house is called the House of Representatives. Men and women who belong to the House of Representatives are called representatives.

What are the 2 houses of Congress called?

Established by Article I of the Constitution, the Legislative Branch consists of the House of Representatives and the Senate, which together form the United States Congress.

What are the upper and lower houses called?

New South Wales, Victoria and Western Australia each have a Legislative Assembly (the ‘lower house’) and Legislative Council (the ‘upper house’); South Australia and Tasmania have a House of Assembly (‘lower house’) and a Legislative Council (the ‘upper house’). Queensland’s parliament is the Legislative Assembly.

What is the upper house called?


What is called the lower house of the Parliament?

Thus, the Lok Sabha is called the Lower House of the Parliament of India whereas the Rajya Sabha is called the Upper House.

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