What is the theme of Vengeful Creditor?

What is the theme of Vengeful Creditor?

The central theme throughout Vengeful Creditor is one of tension and confrontation. It shows the difference in viewpoints between the lower class and the middle class, who see themselves as higher than they are.

What does the red ink symbolize in the Vengeful Creditor?

In the business world, red ink indicates debt, and here, when the girl later attempts to eliminate little Goddy by making him drink the red ink, she is, in effect, using it to call in her debt. She is the vengeful creditor of the story’s title, the creditor who is owed an education by her employers.

When was Vengeful Creditor written?

Vengeful Creditor was first published in 1971 and two years later was included in the short story collection Girls at War, and Other Stories. Long before, following the publication of his first novel, Things Fall Apart, in 1958 Chinua Achebe established himself as Nigeria’s best-known novelist.

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