What is the theme from women of Trachis?

What is the theme from women of Trachis?

A chief concern throughout Women of Trachis is in terms of loyalty and responsibility to one’s family. Each of the main characters grapples with issues of duty and obedience, and none of them performs perfectly.

What did the messenger tell Deianira about Iole?

The messenger, however, informs Deianira that Lichas did not tell the truth, which is that Herakles for love of Iole destroyed Eurytus, the maiden’s father; that it was not his adventures in Lydia, his serfdom with Omphale, or the death of Iphitus that held him these many moons, but love for this maid.

When was the Women of Trachis written?

The Trachiniae (Gr: Trachiniai, also known as The Trachinian Women, The Women of Trachis or The Maidens of Trachis) is a tragedy by the ancient Greek playwright Sophocles. It was probably written and performed during Sophocles’ early period, between about 440 and 430 BCE

What does deianeira give to Lichas to give to Heracles?

Deianira gives this long-stored robe to Lichas to take to Heracles. Afterwards, she tells the Chorus that a piece of wool she used to anoint the robe disintegrated when it hit the sun, so she’s a bit worried now.

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