What is the summary of the story Araby?

What is the summary of the story Araby?

Araby,’ a short story by James Joyce, is about a young boy in Ireland obsessed with the girl living across the street. When the young girl mentions how badly she wants to attend a certain bazaar, he sees an opportunity to win her heart by attending the bazaar himself and bringing her back a gift.

What is the central idea of Araby?

Arguably the central theme throughout the story is loss of innocence, both in the narrator’s belief in religion and his understanding of romance.

What happened at the end of Araby?

Araby ends with this passage: When he learns she wants to go to the bazaar but cannot, he promises to bring her a gift from Araby. He thus goes on a quest to win the heart of the woman he loves, a romantic adventure. Araby turns out to be a cavernous warehouse filled with cheap goods.

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