What is the suffix or prefix of Able?

What is the suffix or prefix of Able?

The suffixes -able and -ible are both used to form adjectives meaning possible, capable of, suitable for, or causing. Of the two, -able is much more common: it is what’s known as a living or productive suffix, meaning that it is still being used to create new words.

What is a word for the suffix able?

likeable; peaceable; debatable; pleasurable; adaptable; inimitable; capable; adorable; desirable; justifiable; preferable; disposable; knowledgeable; amiable; durable; laughable; fashionable; reliable; excitable; lovable; believable; excusable; manageable; serviceable; measurable; sizeable; noticeable; suitable;

What is the prefix of Able?

Some prefixes that can be added to the word able are: un- to make the word unable, which means not able to do something; en- to make the word enable,.

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