What is the message of Dr Faustus?

What is the message of Dr Faustus?

The message of Doctor Faustus is that a bargain with the devil is not worth the price. Faustus gets almost nothing for trading away his soul and finds himself enmeshed in lies that blind him to salvation.

What does Dr Faustus symbolize?

When Faustus signs away his soul, he signs in blood, symbolizing the permanent and supernatural nature of this pact. His blood congeals on the page, however, symbolizing, perhaps, his own body’s revolt against what he intends to do. Faustus, of course, in his proud folly, fails to take this path to salvation.

What is the moral message the play of Doctor Faustus imparts?

Doctor Faustus is a lesson of morality. The never ending conflict between good and evil is vividly exposed in the play and until today every person could still see and experience such a conflict

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