What is the message from Coraline?

What is the message from Coraline?

Coraline shows bravery here and a willingness to sacrifice her own wellbeing for others. It pays off for her too as she is able to win the game and defeat the beldame. Kids may never have to save their parents from an evil witch, but this is still a great message.

What is the main conflict in Coraline?

The power of evil is therefore symbolised in these button eyes and in the fantasy world that this fake mother creates. Ranged against this power is the innocence and goodness of Coraline as she battles and fights to find her real parents and return to her normal world

Is Coraline about abuse?

Growing up in Perth, Coraline did not have a happy family life. She recalled being sexually abused by her father when she was three, in addition to numerous other physical and emotional abuses throughout her childhood.

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