What is the main conflict of Unbroken?

What is the main message of Unbroken?

Love is a powerful force that will triumph over hatred. Across the book, Hillenbrand illustrates the strength, beauty, and triumph of love. Love is a force that allows people to thrive and to succeed. Familial love is seen, including in the devotion of Louie’s family members to him while he is away at war.

What is the main conflict of Unbroken?

Conflict: The initial conflict of Unbroken was character versus nature. Louie was lost at sea after his bomber crashed during World War II. He was trapped in a small raft, with little provisions for forty-seven days.

What kind of immigrants were Louie’s parents?

Louie was born in Olean, New York to Italian immigrant parents, and suffered from pneumonia before the age of two.

How much did Louie’s dad give him when he ran away?

The only hiccup in Louie’s betterment in this chapter is his attempt to run away. Though unsuccessful, this was a necessary developmental step for Louie. This journey prepares him for later experiences in his life. Right before Louie leaves, his mother offers him a sandwich and his father offers two dollars

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