What is the main idea of Song of Myself?

What is the main idea of Song of Myself?

There are three important themes: the idea of the self, the identification of the self with other selves, and the poet’s relationship with the elements of nature and the universe. Houses and rooms represent civilization; perfumes signify individual selves; and the atmosphere symbolizes the universal self.

What is the meaning of Whitman’s Song of Myself?

In Song of Myself, Walt Whitman celebrates the self. In this 52-part poem, Whitman celebrates the human body and its ability to become one with the self and with nature. The speaker shows that the union of the self and the body allows for a truly transcendent experience.

How is Walt Whitman a transcendentalist?

Whitman wasn’t a Transcendentalist. He bridged the gap between Realism and Transcendentalism. Transcendentalism as a school of thought is centered on the self and the transcendence of society through meditation and periodic semi-exiles of the self into pure nature. Emerson is an example of a true Transcendentalist.

What are major themes of Whitman’s Song of Myself?

Running to somewhere around 70 pages and divided into 52 sections, ‘Song of Myself’ takes the reader on an epic journey through many settings, time periods, viewpoints and personas. Walt Whitman had some radical ideas about America, democracy, spirituality, sexuality, nature and identity

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