What is the equation for dissociation of water?

What is the equation for dissociation of water?

Equilibrium constant The ions are produced by the water self-ionization reaction, which applies to pure water and any aqueous solution: H2O + H2O u21cc H3O+ + OH.

What does water dissociate to form?

The fact that water molecules dissociate to form H+ and OH- ions, which can then recombine to form water molecules, is indicated by the following equation.

Can we dissociate water?

Pure water dissociates only slightly. About one water molecule out of every 10 million is dissociated and the rest remain in non-dissociated (or molecular) form. This ionization of water (sometimes called self- or auto-ionization) can be summarized by the following formula.

What is the dissociation constant Ka of pure water?

1.0 x 10

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