What is The Cruel Prince series about?

What is The Cruel Prince series about?

The Cruel Prince

Is The Cruel Prince romance?

In this book, Black has changed the genre of fantasy books, adding new elements of fighting and magic which are most of the time kept separate. The combination of fighting scenes, creatures and drama engulfs the reader into a magical world that entices hope for Jude.

Does The Cruel Prince have magic in it?

The Cruel Prince was a great start of the The Folk of the Air series. I buddy read this with Toni and we both enjoyed it. We could finish it in a couple of days even though we didn’t have much time. It was addictive, dark, twisted, and fast-paced YA fantasy with complex and interesting plot and characters.

Is the cruel Prince 18+?

It depends on the kid’s maturity. But there are not many inappropriate scenes. There is some kissing with their clothes on (no sex) a few curses (but to parents who let their kiddos watch Jurassic Park and not this book there are more amount of curses in Jurassic Park) and a little violence but 11 plus is good

Is the cruel prince romance?

Conclusion. The Cruel Prince is a good dose of the story for a fantasy book lover. However, this novel is more suitable for teens above 15. There’s a touch of romance and rivalry in the book.

What is the plot of the cruel prince?

Released in early 2018 by Holly Black, The Cruel Prince follows Jude, a human girl living among faeries. She wants to fit in, but her stubbornness and determination cause her to stand out among the royal family, where she aspires to become a knight.

Is cruel prince an enemy to lovers?

The Folk of Air series (The Cruel Prince, Wicked King and Queen of Nothing) has a captivating enemies to lovers romance. Many book lovers list this as their favourite bookish romance. It’s a slow burn romance with a dark, brooding male fae. The Cruel Prince follows Jude who is a human.

Is the cruel prince a slow burn romance?

The Cruel Prince by Holly Black But many of the Fae despise humans, especially the youngest son of the High King. Filled with scheming royals, political minefields and magical intrigue, The Cruel Prince is perfect for anyone on the market for a slow-burn romance between a wicked fae prince and an ambitious human girl.

Is the cruel prince a bully romance?

Cruel Prince: A High School Bully Romance (Royal Hearts Academy Book 1) Kindle Edition.

Who are the love interests in the cruel prince?

Locke and Taryn were husband and wife. They had known each other for ten years before becoming romantically involved. Their relationship ended when Locke was murdered by Taryn.

Is there magic in the cruel prince?

The Cruel Prince is the first of a fresh trilogy from lauded young adult author Holly Black. Magic is a constant in all of Black’s novels, particular the sort of magic that leads to ethical difficulties and hard decisions. Faeries and fey courts also feature frequently.

Does the cruel prince have adult content?

The threat of violence permeates the plot, which includes stabbings (fatal and otherwise), poisonings, and deadly magical spells. Swearing is infrequent, with a handful of hell and damn. Sexual content is limited to some flirting and a handful of scenes featuring passionate kissing

What age should you read the cruel prince?

Ages 15up.

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