What is the central theme of Trifles?

What is the central theme of Trifles?

Perhaps the single most important theme in Trifles is the difference between men and women. The two sexes are distinguished by the roles they play in society, their physicality, their methods of communication andvital to the plot of the play their powers of observation.

What is the theme of Trifles quizlet?

Gender is the main theme of Trifles. It defines how the characters behave, illustrating the differences between men and women. Trifles also explores the theme of isolation.

What is the central conflict in Trifles?

The major conflict in this play is external — the men versus the women. The male sheriff, country attorney and neighbor look for evidence, while Mrs. Hale, the neighbor’s wife, and Mrs. Peters, the sheriff’s wife, gather clothing to take to Mrs.

What does Mrs Hale mean by that was thirty years ago?

u279c By that was thirty years ago, Mrs. Hale refers to the period in Mrs.Wright’s life when she was an unmarried and well-known singer known as Minnie Foster.

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