What is the central idea of Ethan Frome?

What is the central idea of Ethan Frome?

Society and Morality as Obstacles to the Fulfillment of Desire. The constraint social and moral concerns place on individual desire is perhaps the novel’s most prominent theme, since Ethan Frome’s plot is concerned with Ethan’s desire for a woman who is not his wife.

What is the theme of naturalism in Ethan Frome?

Naturalism in the Novel Ethan Frome reflects the concept of naturalism because throughout the story, Ethan is overtaken by his emotions which causes struggles to arise within himself and in his environment. An example of this would be when Ethan is torn between his love for Mattie and his past love for his wife, Zeena.

What is the symbolism in Ethan Frome?

Mattie’s Red Scarf and Red Ribbon Red is the color of blood, ruddiness, good health, and vitality, all of which Mattie has in abundance, and all of which Zeena lacks. In the oppressive white landscape of Starkfield, red stands out, just as Mattie stands out in the oppressive landscape of Ethan’s life.

What is Ethan Frome’s tragic flaw?

His concern for others (or maybe his unwillingness to make decisions which might hurt others) proves to be Ethan’s tragic flaw (figuratively speaking). He dreams of schools and society and all the things his hungry mind and heart desire.

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