What is the book Tricks about by Ellen Hopkins?

What is the book Tricks about by Ellen Hopkins?

Tricks is a story about five deeply troubled teenagers, all from different areas, backgrounds, and family situations who end up falling into prostitution. Each character has a story to tell. These stories are brief, and jump from one character to the next and back again.

Is Tricks by Ellen Hopkins part of a series?

The Tricks book series by Ellen Hopkins includes books Tricks, Traffick, and Tricks/Traffick Box Set.

What genre is Tricks by Ellen Hopkins?

Young adult fiction

Why did Ellen Hopkins write Crank?

Background. Crank was inspired by the life of Ellen Hopkins’s daughter, Cristal, who was addicted to meth. In an email from the author, Ellen Hopkins said her daughter had been clean for four years, as of 2017, but has also spent 18 months in prison.

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