What is meant by Solamente?

What is meant by Solamente?

adverb. alone [adverb] only. just [adverb] only; merely.

What do we call Jeri in English?

Jeri in American English (u02c8du0292eri) a female given name, form of Geraldine.

What is the meaning of Dikkat?

/dikkata/ nf. pitfall countable noun. The pitfalls involved in a particular activity or situation are the things that may go wrong or may cause problems.

Does solamente have an accent?

In 2010, among other changes, the academy decided that sxf3lo meaning solamente did not need the accent mark, and could be written in the same way as the adjective solo.

What is the difference between solo and Soltanto?

The only small differences is that solo tends to be used more frequently in speech as it is shorter and a little more colloquial. According to Treccani, soltanto can have a stronger emphasis when talking about limitations. For example: Ti ha dato solo cinque euro?

What Sola mean in English?


What does kapasa mean in English?

/kapu0101sa/ mn. cotton uncountable noun. Cotton is a plant which produces the soft fibres used in making cotton cloth.

Does Tambien mean also?

also, too

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