What is long black Song about?

What is long black Song about?

In his Long Black Song, one of the short stories published in Uncle Tom’s Children, Richard Wright raises several significant issues regarding the differences between the blacks and the whites proving that the interracial gap in the society was tremendous, and nothing was done to overcome it.

Why is Long black song called?

Long Black Song is a blues tale; the title refers both to the blues at the core of southern rural black experience over time and to the immediate experiences depicted in the short story set in the early twentieth century. It is also a story about different responses to racism by Sarah and her husband Silas.

What is Big Boy Leaves Home About?

Big Boy Leaves Home is the story of Big Boy, a young black whose youthful excursion goes horribly wrong. Big Boy and his friends, Bobo, Lester, and Buck decide to go to the local swimming hole, which is owned by a white man who does not allow black people to swim there.

Who wrote Uncle Tom’s Children?

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