What is Chapter 4 of the fault in our stars about?

What is Chapter 4 of the fault in our stars about?

Summary: Chapter 4 Hazel summarizes the plot of An Imperial Affliction. The narrator is a girl named Anna who develops blood cancer. Anna lives with her mother, a one-eyed tulip obsessed gardener, who falls in love with a dubious, allegedly rich figure called The Dutch Tulip Man.

Can a 13 year old read the fault in our stars?

The book may be too mature if your child is under age 13. John Green’s novel The Fault in Our Stars captured hearts, and was eventually made into a feature movie, too. The book’s themes and plot may be a bit too mature for your tween, though.

Does Hazel get pregnant in the fault in our stars?

Three weeks after Augustus died, Hazel found out she is pregnant. She feels like she’ll have another Gus, something to remember him by. But little to her condolences the baby dies. She gives birth to Gus’s child but it doesn’t survive because the cancer that Hazel has been touched with allowed things to go wrong.

Why does Hazel’s mom wake her?

Hazel’s mother wakes her up at 10am. She tells her mother that sleep fights cancer, and that she was up late reading the book Augustus had given her, which is particularly violent, but somehow enjoyable. Hazel gets enjoyment from the book by knowing that it brings Augustus so much pleasure.

Is Augustus Waters really dead?

Augustus WatersStatusDeceasedCause of DeathOsteosarcomaAppearancesPortrayed byAnsel Elgort8 more rows

What does Isaac break?

As she talks, Augustus approaches Isaac and tells him to stop beating the pillow and break something. Isaac grabs a trophy and holds it over his head. Augustus gives him permission to smash it. After the trophies have been smashed, Isaac sits down.

Does the fault in our stars say the F word?

Yes. The ‘F’ word is used once in the movie, the ‘S’ word twice, and the ‘B’ word several times, with a few ‘damns’ and other minor curse words. While the ‘F’ word is used, I have to say it was very appropriate in its use. Also the ‘F’ word is used once in the book, and the ‘S’ word is used several more times.

Who ends up dying in the fault in our stars?

The plot point is clear: in the end, the love of Hazel Grace’s life, Augustus Waters, dies. He’s 17. Through his death, Hazel is able to learn some things about herself, her take on mortality, and her role in the world.

What age should read The Fault in Our Stars?

Age Appropriate For: 13+. If your teenager was allowed to read John Green’s novel, than they can handle the film, which is a very faithful adaptation of the original text.

Is fault in our stars appropriate for 12 year olds?

While there is some sex, and strong swearing, it is definitely ok for tweens to watch, as long as they have read the book, and are prepared for the sad and mature themes of the movie.

Is The Fault in Our Stars appropriate for 14 year olds?

The Fault in Our Stars is a very sad but inspiring love story based on a popular young adult novel. Because of its disturbing themes of terminal illness and death, it isn’t recommended for children under 14-15 years

Who does hazel end up with the fault in our stars?


Does Hazel fall in love with Augustus?

Despite her fear that she’ll hurt Augustus when she dies, Hazel finally lets herself fall completely in love with him.

Whose car do Augustus Hazel and Isaac go to Egg?

The following day Hazel and Isaac meet at Augustus’s house. Augustus is furious, and shortly after they’re driving to Monica’s house, where they spot her car in the driveway. Augustus, who has a carton of eggs, gets out of the car with Isaac, and the two egg Monica’s car.

What happens to Hazel at the end of the fault in our stars?

More importantly but in the same vein, Hazel has to realize that her mom was wrong when she said, I won’t be a mother anymore. The truth is, after Hazel dies (assuming she dies), her mom will still be her mom, just as my grandmother is still my grandmother even though she has died.

What makes Hazel wake up from her sleep?

The next thing we know Hazel wakes up in the ICU. Her father explains that the headache was brought on by poor oxygenation, which resulted from her lungs filling with fluid. Hazel’s father also explains that Dr.

What secret has Hazel’s mom been keeping from her?

Hazel confesses that she worries her parents won’t have a life after she dies, and her mother reveals that she’s been taking classes online to get her master’s degree in social work.

What date does Hazel’s mother say it is when she wakes Hazel up in the beginning of chapter3?

Against her mother’s normal procedure, her mom wakes Hazel up when it’s almost 10 a.m. Her mother announces that it’s Hazel’s thirty-third half birthday, so they need to celebrate, in addition to Hazel having class.

Why does Hazel’s mom take her to the doctor?

She did not want to leave your home. The only places she used to go to her doctor and to Support Group. She had not wish to live and she had not many friends.

Does Augustus Waters die in Amsterdam?

At a picnic, Augustus surprises Hazel with tickets to Amsterdam to meet Van Houten, acquired through the story’s version of the Make-A-Wish Foundation, The Genies. Augustus dies soon after, leaving Hazel heartbroken. Van Houten shows up at Augustus’s funeral to apologize to Hazel, but Hazel does not forgive him.

What happened to Augustus Waters at the gas station?

Hazel wakes at 2:35 a.m. to a call she’s sure is to inform her Augustus has died. Instead it’s Augustus asking her to help him. There’s something very wrong with his G-tube and he’s stuck at a gas station. The air is fetid and Hazel suspects the G-tube tract into Augustus’s abdomen is infected

What does Augustus Waters death symbolize?

In doing so she creates a metaphor with two parallel sides: one where drowning in water represents the negative suffering of her cancer, and the other where drowning in water represents the positive suffering of her losing Augustus.

Was Augustus Waters real?

Both the movie’s Augustus Waters character and Hazel’s romance with him are fiction. Actress Shailene Woodley (left), who portrays Hazel in The Fault in Our Stars movie, and Esther Earl (right), the real-life inspiration for the character

What is Isaac’s disease in the fault in our stars?

Isaac. The mutual friend of Hazel’s and Augustus’s who facilitates their introduction at Support Group. Isaac is cynical by nature. Blinded by cancer and kicked to the curb by his girlfriend Monica, Isaac often embodies skepticism and rage.

Why does Isaac have a meltdown?

Why does Isaac have a meltdown? He will soon be blind.His girlfriend left him.He can no longer play video games

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