What is a summary of the book loser?

What is a summary of the book loser?

Loser is a coming of age young adult novel first published in 2002 by American author Jerry Spinelli. It details the growth of Donald Zinkoff, who is branded a loser by his classmates due to his clumsiness, poor performance in school and athletics, and sometimes clueless enthusiasm

What happened in chapter 28 of loser?

Zinkoff is warm and hears voices at the start of Chapter 28, Grounded. His eyes are closed and he recognizes his father, his mother, and his Uncle Stanley talking to another man, who is telling them that Zinkoff did not say why he was walking in the snow.

What is the theme of the book loser?

The book Loser’s theme would have to be to never give up and to keep going forward. Zinkoff realizes that anyone can go from loser to winner. In the final chapters, Donald keeps going on to rescue a lost child. In the conclusion, Zinkoff is finally accepted by the other children.

How old is zinkoff in the book loser?

Characters Donald Zinkoff is the main character of the story, he is six years old at the beginning of the story as he is at First Grade. As this book tells us the evolution of Zinkoff over the years, at the end of the book, he is eleven or twelve years old because he is at sixth grade.

What is the theme of loser?

Important themes presented in the novel, Loser, include success, conformity, and persistence.

Is the book loser a true story?

Soo Ha Kim is an 8th grader at WISS. She is from South Korea.

What is the setting of the book loser?

The main setting of the story Loser By Jerry Spinelli is in a small, interesting town. The story mostly takes place at Zinkoff’s house, John W.Satterfield Elementary School, and in Zinkoff’s neighborhood. The novel is based off present day and follows Zinkoff on his journey.

What is the conflict of the story loser?

Conflict. The main conflict in the book Loser by Jerry Spinelli, is that the main character Donald Zinkoff is always rejected by his friends.He always gets bullied but he doesn’t care.He gets picked on, all the other kids can’t really see who he really is.

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