What is a good thesis statement for Persepolis?

What is a good thesis statement for Persepolis?

Persepolis suggests that tragedy and violence can change the way one feels about religious faith and God. Even in the face of adversity and ridicule Marji’s relationship with God is strong and consistent, at least at the beginning of the novel.

What is the theme of the veil in Persepolis?

Persepolis opens with the implementation of a government policy, that of the wearing of the veil, which on the political level captures the repressiveness of the Islamic Republic and for Marjane in particular encapsulates throughout her childhood a symbolic shrouding of her desires for freedom and self-expression.

What does Persepolis symbolize?

If you haven’t read it yet, Persepolis traces the life of an Iranian girl named Marji, who grows up during the Islamic Revolution. This city came to be called (because of Greek influence) ”Persepolis” from the Greek perses, meaning ”Persian,” and polis, meaning ”city”so literally: the ”city of the Persians.

Is freedom a theme in Persepolis?

In Persepolis, Satrapi highlights various topics such as clothing, politics, and music to explore the theme of freedom.

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