What happens when Fe reacts with CuSO4?

What happens when Fe reacts with CuSO4?

Fe + CuSO4(aq) FeSO4(aq) + Cu(s) The type of reaction is a displacement reaction. In this reaction, the highly reactive metal iron replaces the Copper in copper sulphate by giving up two electrons and gets oxidized and forms a new compound called ferrous sulphate.

What is the chemical equation for Fe CuSO4?

4 is an oxidizing agent, Fe is a reducing agent.Search by reactants (Fe, CuSO 4)1Fe + CuSO4 Cu + FeSO42Fe + CuSO4 Cu + Fe2(SO4)33Fe + CuSO4 Cu + Fe(SO4)4H2O + Fe + CuSO4 Cu + FeSO4*7H2O5H2O + Fe + CuSO4 Cu + FeSO4*H2O5 more rows

What is the balanced equation of Fe CuSO4 FeSO4 CU?

Thus Copper sulphate is an oxidising agent. The species which itself get oxidised and helps another species to undergo reduction called reducing agent. Fe is the reducing agent.

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