What does winter dream symbolize?

What does winter dream symbolize?

The winter dreams of the story refer to the American Dream that Dexter comes to embody, but success brings a high cost, and social mobility restricts Dexter’s capacity for happiness. Dexter is from humble origins: his mother was an immigrant who constantly struggled with the language of her adopted homeland.

What does Dexter symbolize in Winter Dreams?

Throughout the story, Dexter is dictated to by his winter dreams, which are his fantasies of grandeur that motivate his choices and ambitions. Therefore, his winter dreams represent the brittle nature of the American dream, whose pursuit can bring status, but not fulfillment.

What are two themes of Winter Dreams?

Winter Dreams Themes

  • Class Mobility and the American Dream. Winter Dreams illustrates how social class defines people’s lives, often with unfortunate results.
  • Gender and Ambition.
  • Dreams, Happiness, and Reality.
  • Time, Progress, and Repetition.


Who is the most important character in Winter Dreams?

Dexter Green A successful businessman and the story’s protagonist.

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