What does tickle the dragon mean?

What does tickle the dragon mean?

Filters. To do something that has a risk of going catastrophically wrong. Climbing so close to an erupting volcano was tickling the dragon’s tail.

What was the demon core accident?

While attempting to stack another brick around the assembly, Daghlian accidentally dropped it onto the core and thereby caused the core to go well into supercriticality, a self-sustaining critical chain reaction. He quickly moved the brick off the assembly, but received a fatal dose of radiation.

How much radiation did Louis Slotin receive?

Slotin at once threw his body in front of the sphere, to shield his fellow scientists, and yanked the two half-spheres apart. In the process, he received almost 1000 rads of radiation, far over the lethal dose. Slotin died 9 days later, after suffering the effects of radiation poisoning.

Does the demon core still exist?

But the demon core was not yet finished. Despite a review of safety procedures after Daghlian’s death, any changes made weren’t enough to prevent a similar accident occurring the following year.

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