What does Sinx * COSX equal?

What does Sinx * COSX equal?

tan x

What is 2sinx COSX?

Answer Expert Verified sin2x 2sinx. cosx is also an identity.

What is the formula of 2 Sinx COSX?

The most commonly used formula of sin2x is twice the product of sine function and cosine function which is mathematically given by, sin2x 2 sinx cosx.

Is Sinx COSX 90?

In a right triangle there is only one hypotenuse. The oppose of angle x is the adjacent of angle (90-x). So sin(x) cos(90-x)

What is sinx * COSX equal to?

The tangent of x is defined to be its sine divided by its cosine: tan x sin x cos x .

What is COSX plus sinx?

cosx+sinx u221a2 * sin(x+pi/4).

Is sinx plus COSX 1?

sinx+cosx does not equal 1 everwhere as other answers have stated so it cannot be proven.

How do you solve COSX 2sinx?

2sinx is 2 times sinx, where ‘x’ is the angle. Whereas, in Sin(2x) , ‘2x’ is the angle.

What is 2sinx equal to?

Derivation of 2 Sin a Cos a Formula Hence, we have proved that 2 sin a cos a is equal to sin 2a.

What is the value of 2sin Cos?

tan x

Does sin and cos equal 90?

All triangles have 3 angles that add to 180 degrees. Therefore, if one angle is 90 degrees we can figure out Sin Theta Cos (90 – Theta) and Cos Theta Sin (90 – Theta).

What is sin x cos x equal to?

Ans. Sin x / Cos x tan x .

Why is sin 90 x equal to COSX?

If u03b8 is one acute angle, then 90u2212u03b8 is the other acute angle. So sin(90u2212u03b8) the opposite side over the hypotenuse. But note that, in reference to u03b8 thats the same as the adjacent side over the hypotenuse. So that’s why sin(90u2212u03b8)cosu03b8

Is sin 90 x )= sin 90 x?

This is an identity of trignometry: sin (90xb0 x) cos x. cos (90xb0 x) sin

How do you solve sinx plus COSX?

cosx+sinx u221a2 * sin(x+pi/4).

What is the value of COSX sinx?

Hence the maximum value of sinx-cosx is $sqrt{2}$.

How is COSX and sinx related?


  • cosxxb1u221a1u2212sin2x.
  • sinx+cosxsinxxb1u221a1u2212sin2x.
  • cosxsin(u03c02u2212x)
  • sinx+cosxsinx+sin(u03c02u2212x)


What is Sinx plus COSX?

Answer : The expression for sin x + cos x in terms of sine is sin x + sin (u03c0 / 2 x).

What is the relationship between Sinx and COSX?

sin(x) is related to cos(x) simply by increasing the argument of either function (x) by Pi/2 radians.

How do you solve Sinx plus COSX?

From the unit circle we see that sin x and cos x can only have the same value in two places, in x /4 and x 5 /4 (45xb0 and 225xb0). The equation sin x cos x can also be solved by dividing through by cos x. If we put k 0 and k 1 we get the solutions /4 (45xb0) and /4 + 5 /4 (45xb0+ 180xb0 225xb0).

What is the formula of 2sinx?

Answer Expert Verified sin2x 2sinx. cosx is also an identity.

How do you solve COSX sinx?

The integral of 2sinx is mathematically written as u222b2sinx dx -2cosx + C. We can find the integration of 2sinx using the integral of sinx.

Is 2sinx equal to sin2x?

Sine of twice of an angle (x) is equal to twice of sine x cos x. Where x is a reference angle in a right-angled triangle. Hence, we can see from the above equation that 2 sin x is not equal to sin 2x

Is 2 sin the same as sin 2?

yes it’s the same!

What is Sinx+ COSX?

Answer : The expression for sin x + cos x in terms of sine is sin x + sin (u03c0 / 2 x).

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