What does BNO mean in Spanish slang?

What does BNO mean in Spanish slang?

English translation: Visto Bueno / Approved by / With the approval of.

What does the Spanish word feral mean?

[u02c8fu026au0259ru0259l ] adjective (formal) silvestre u29eb salvaje.

What does ext mean in Spanish?

( exterior) Ext. Copyright xa9 by HarperCollins Publishers. All rights reserved. entonces no he vuelto a verle.

What does Vidorra mean in Spanish?

easy life

What is BNO Spanish?

6- Slang: Bno A fast way of typing bueno, which is also good.

What does op mean in Spanish slang?

(informal) [u0252p ] noun abbreviation. Medicine, Military) operation. 2. opportunity

What does Acave mean in Spanish?

I’ve already finished.

What does Hora mean in Spanish slang?

What’s the time?, or as people often ask in Mexico: xbfMe da su hora? It has other uses in this meaning: xbfA quxe9 hora llega? What time is she arriving?

What does the word feral mean in English?

1 : of, relating to, or suggestive of a wild beast feral teeth feral instincts. 2a : not domesticated or cultivated : wild feral animals. b : having escaped from domestication and become wild feral cats.

What slang means in Spanish?

[slxe6b ] (gen) argot m u29eb jerga f.

What does Heffer mean in Spanish?

Espaxf1ol. heifer n. (young cow) vaquilla nf. Exemplos: la mesa, una tabla.

What does Bebe mean in Spanish slang?

bebxe9 noun. baby, babe, nurseling. mi noun, pronoun.

What does it mean by Ext?


What does the root ext mean?

The English prefix extra-, which means outside, appears in a fair number of English vocabulary words, such as extra, extraterrestrial, and extraordinary.

What does APT mean in Spanish slang?

1. ( suitable) [name, title] acertado u29eb apropiado.

What does Doc mean in Spanish?


What does Lilith mean in Spanish?

Lilith. Lilith Noun Plural: Liliths. Translate Lilith to Spanish: Lilit. Define meaning of Lilith: In ancient Semitic folklore: a female demon who attacks children

What does Abigail mean in Spanish?

abigail. abigail Noun Plural: abigails. Translate abigail to Spanish: criada confidente, doncella. English Synonyms of abigail: maid, maiden, maidservant, waiting maid, lady’s maid, tirewoman. Define meaning of abigail: A female domestic.

What does Peliona mean?

feminine noun. 1. ( colloquial) (general) (Latin America) Death

What does Grau mean in Spanish?


What does Vidora mean?

English translation: Visto Bueno / Approved by / With the approval of.

What does BAS mean in Spanish slang?

good life

What is BN mean in Spanish?

BAS, (Servicios de la actividad de negocio) BAS, the ~ Noun. u2010 A BizTalk Server feature that enables business users to configure business processes and interact with trading partners.

What does oe mean in Spanish?

OE Noun. Translate OE to Spanish: equipo original. English Synonyms of OE: original equipment.

What does WAP mean in Spanish slang?

[slxe6b ] (gen) argot m u29eb jerga f.

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