What can be measured in Millilitres?

What can be measured in Millilitres?

liquid medicine doses are normally measured in ml – normally multiples of 5ml. Soft drinks in cans and small ‘personal’ bottles are measured in ml. Injections and Blood samples are measured in ml. Scientific measurements of volumes are normally measure in ml.

What objects are measured in millimeters?

There are 25 millimeters in an inch. Tumor sizes are often measured in millimeters (mm) or centimeters. Common items that can be used to show tumor size in mm include: a sharp pencil point (1 mm), a new crayon point (2 mm), a pencil-top eraser (5 mm), a pea (10 mm), a peanut (20 mm), and a lime (50 mm).

What are examples of milliliters?

MeasurementExample1 mLThe volume of a large drop of water5 mLThe volume of a teaspoon15 mLThe volume of a tablespoon30 mLOne fluid ounce, a standard shot38 more rows

What things are measured in milliliters?

A milliliter is a very small amount of liquid. Here is a milliliter of milk in a teaspoon. It only fills the bottom of the teaspoon! The word milliliter literally means one thousandth (milli) of a liter.

What can be measured in liters or milliliters?

A liter (L) and a milliliter (mL) are two units for measuring capacity in the metric system. The bottle pictured at the right holds 1 L of water. About twenty drops of water equals 1 mL. To convert liters to milliliters, To convert milliliters to liters, multiply by 1,000.

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