What are the 3 steps when arriving to an Amazon station in a van?

What are the 3 steps when arriving to an Amazon station in a van?

The three options are bobtail, full, or empty. The action a driver will take when they arrive to the station. The two options are Live Unload Drop Hook. These are companies that we work with to deliver orders to the final customer.

What is the maximum number of hours you are allowed to drive each day Amazon quizlet?

-You’re allowed to drive a maximum of 13 hours in a day. -You’re not allowed to driver after 14 hours on duty in a day. What are the two Daily Cycles? Cycle 1- Drivers working on this cycle must not driver after completing 70 on duty hours

Why is it important to push a dolly instead of pulling it Amazon quizlet?

it prevents items from falling and injuring you, and it makes your delivery faster and more efficient.

What is the first step if you are in an incident Amazon?

The first step in handling an Amazon delivery van car accident is to certify mail a preservation letter requesting the independent contractor to store any and all camera footage of the accident. You must act fast.

How do you load a delivery van?

How to load a van safely

  • Load large items first.
  • Distribute the load evenly.
  • Create a barrier between you and your load.
  • Secure your goods.
  • Flag it.
  • Control your speed and braking.
  • Choose your unloading zone with care.
  • Beware of items that have moved.
  • How long does it take to load an Amazon van?

    When it’s our turn, we have 20 minutes to load our vans and leave the lot, so you are sweating by the time you get started. Each tote can be up to 50 pounds. We load about 300 packages into our vans, and unload them one-by-one throughout the day. Then you’re off.

    What should you do before operating the vehicle Amazon quizlet?

    while operating your vehicle, always refer to foundation of safe driving, REPS.

    • Recognize hazards- scan and communicate.
    • eliminate distractions- keep your focus and see it all.
    • plan ahead- expect the unexpected.
    • seek space- eyes on path, know your limits.

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