What are the 3 components of fascism?

What are the 3 components of fascism?

Roger Griffin describes fascism as a genus of political ideology whose mythic core in its various permutations is a palingenetic form of populist ultranationalism. Griffin describes the ideology as having three core components: (i) the rebirth myth, (ii) populist ultra-nationalism, and (iii) the myth of decadence.

How many questions are on the F scale?

This interactive F Scale presents that instrument in its final form of thirty questions, computing your aggregate “F Score” and subscores for the nine personality variables the F Scale tries to measure.

What color is fascist?

In Italy, black is the colour of fascism because it was the official colour of the National Fascist Party. As a result, modern Italian parties would not use black as their political colour; however, it has been customary to use black to identify the neo-fascist Italian Social Movement.

Who created the F scale questionnaire?

The California F-scale is a 1947 personality test, designed by Theodor W. Adorno and others to measure the “authoritarian personality”.

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