What are some Spanish vocabulary words?

What are some Spanish vocabulary words?

Basic Spanish vocabulary: Manners

  • Please Por favor.
  • Thank you Gracias.
  • You’re welcome / no problem De nada.
  • Pleased to meet you Mucho gusto.
  • Excuse me, pardon me Disculpe, Perdxf3n.
  • Don’t worry about it / it doesn’t matter / no worries No importa.
  • Good luck Buena suerte.

Are there words for football terms in Spanish?

Let’s learn some of those football/soccer vocabulary words in Spanish:

  • Saque inicial (kickoff)
  • Saque lateral (throw-in)
  • Saque de meta (goal kick)
  • La asistencia (the assistance)
  • Un pase (a pass)
  • Un pase largo (a long pass)
  • Un cabezazo (a header)
  • Cxf3rner or tiro de esquina (corner)

What are 5 Spanish words?

Basic Spanish Words

  • Hola Hello.
  • Adixf3s Goodbye.
  • Por favor Please.
  • Gracias Thank you.
  • Lo siento Sorry.
  • Salud Bless you (after someone sneezes)
  • Sxed Yes.
  • No No.

How can I improve my Spanish vocabulary?

5 Simple and Fun Ways to Improve your Spanish Vocabulary

  • Improve your Spanish vocabulary with light reading.
  • Study cognates.
  • Learn 2 Spanish verbs every day.
  • Try learning 1 Spanish expression every other day (or class).
  • Memorize Spanish words by using them actively.

What are the 100 most common Spanish words?

The 100 Most Common Words in Spoken Spanish

Rank Word in Spanish Meaning in English
1 que that
2 de of, from
3 no no
4 a to

How many Spanish vocabulary words are there?

These include:

  • Avocado Spanish aguacate, from Nahuatl ahuacat.
  • Chili chilli.
  • Chocolate Spanish chocolate, from Nahuatl xocolatl meaning xabhot waterxbb
  • Cocoa from the Spanish cacao, from Nahuatle cacxe1huatl.
  • Guacamole via American Spanish from Nahuatl ahuaca-molli (xabavocado saucexbb)

Do Spanish people call soccer football?

Association football commonly known as football (or soccer in the United States and Canada), (Spanish: is the most popular sport in Spain, followed by basketball and tennis.

What are vocabulary words for soccer?

Soccer Vocabulary List

  • assist | see definitionxbb an action (such as passing a ball or puck) that helps a teammate to score.
  • cleat | see definitionxbb
  • crossbar | see definitionxbb
  • football | see definitionxbb
  • free kick | see definitionxbb
  • goalie | see definitionxbb
  • header | see definitionxbb
  • kickoff | see definitionxbb

What is the goal called in soccer in Spanish?

la porterxeda

What is another name for soccer in Spanish?

Fxfatbol is a direct Spanish translation of the English word football. It is an international team sport more commonly known in the United States and Canada as soccer.

What are the 10 most common Spanish words?

Top 10 most common Spanish words pronounced by native Spanish speakers

  • Hola Hello. Let’s naturally start with Hola.
  • Amor Love. Love is a universal feeling and we definitely had to talk about it here.
  • Felicidad Happiness.
  • Gato Cat.
  • Perro Dog.
  • Sonrexedr Smile.
  • Espaxf1ol Spanish.
  • Sxed Yes.

What are 5 English words that come from Spanish?


  • alligator el lagarto (the lizard)
  • armadillo little armored one
  • barracuda possibly from barraco (snaggletooth)
  • bronco rough
  • burro donkey
  • cockroach anglicization of cucaracha.
  • mosquito literally, little fly
  • mustang mustango, from mestexf1o (untamed)

What are the most used Spanish words?

Real Academia Española

Rank Word form Part of speech
1 de preposition
2 la article, pronoun
3 que conjunction
4 el article

How can I improve my Spanish fluency?

9 Techniques to Become Fluent in Spanish and Find Your Voice

  • Subscribe to Spanish Media. The first step toward fluency is to subscribe to stuff.
  • Never Stop Talking.
  • Listen to Audiobooks.
  • Move or Visit Abroad.
  • Get Yourself a Spanish-speaking Partner
  • Do Some Daily Spanish Writing.
  • Talk to Yourself out Loud.
  • Learn Your Grammar.

How do you revise Spanish vocabulary?

The 10 Secrets to Learning Spanish Vocabulary in No Time

  • Embrace What You Already Know.
  • Actually Make and Use Flashcards, for Crying Out Loud.
  • Put Your New Spanish Words into Action.
  • Set Yourself Some Personal Spanish Vocabulary Goals.
  • Utilize Ready-made Vocabulary Lists.
  • Use Apps for Learning Spanish.
  • Study Core Words.

How many words do you need to know in Spanish to be fluent?

Linguists do not agree on what it means to be fluent. If you think about native-level fluency, you’ll need to master between 20,000 and 40,000 words, and as you can see the margin is quite large. If you want to have a basic conversation, experts say that you’ll just need around 3,000 words.

What are some Spanish words we use everyday?

Basic Spanish Words

  • Hola Hello.
  • Adixf3s Goodbye.
  • Por favor Please.
  • Gracias Thank you.
  • Lo siento Sorry.
  • Salud Bless you (after someone sneezes)
  • Sxed Yes.
  • No No.

What are the 1000 most used Spanish words?

This is a list of the 1,000 most commonly spoken Spanish words.
1000 Most Common Spanish Words.
Number Spanish in English
1 como as
2 I I
3 su his
4 que that

What are some big Spanish words?

Learn to pronounce 8 of the longest words in Spanish

  • Esternocleidomastoideo (22 letters)
  • Interdisciplinariedad (21 letters)
  • Internacionalizacixf3n (20 letters):
  • Desvergonzadamente (18 letters)
  • Desconsoladamente (17 letters)
  • Electrodomxe9stico (16 letters)
  • Paralelepxedpedo (14 letters)
  • Caleidoscopio: (13 letters)

How can I learn 300 words in Spanish?

Basic Spanish Words

  • Hola Hello.
  • Adixf3s Goodbye.
  • Por favor Please.
  • Gracias Thank you.
  • Lo siento Sorry.
  • Salud Bless you (after someone sneezes)
  • Sxed Yes.
  • No No.

How many words are there in the Spanish language 2020?


How big is the Spanish vocabulary?

Although it is difficult to measure this exactly, several sources state that the average native Spanish speaker has an active vocabulary of around 10,000 to 15,000 words. However, that only includes words they actually use themselves; the typical passive vocabulary is more likely to be in the region of 25,000 words.

How many words are in the Spanish language 2021?

So to round things off, figure there are around 150,000 official Spanish words. In contrast, the Oxford English Dictionary has about 600,000 words, but that includes words that are no longer in use. It has full definitions of around 230,000 words.

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