What are blind spots also called?

What are blind spots also called?

A blind spot, scotoma, is an obscuration of the visual field. Because there are no cells to detect light on the optic disc, the corresponding part of the field of vision is invisible.

Where are large vehicles blind spots?

Large trucks have blind spots around all four sides of the vehicles, according to the FMCSA. The blind spots in front of the cab extend 20 feet in front of them while truck drivers cannot see other motorists within 30 feet of their rears. On the left, the blind spot for large trucks extends across one lane.

What are blind spots in a car?

A blind spot is any area immediately surrounding your vehicle that cannot directly be observed by you, the driver, within your normal field of vision. Blind spots can occur when the A-pillar (also known as the windshield pillar), side-view mirrors or interior rear-view mirror block your view of the road.

What is different about the blind spots of large vehicles?

A blind spot is an area of the road outside the driver’s field of vision that cannot be seen in the rearview mirrors or through the windows. The taller and longer the vehicle, the bigger the blind spots.

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