How does the Meursault investigation end?

How does the Meursault investigation end?

Finally, amid the clamor of neighbors coming to give their condolences and Mama’s collapse into incoherent wailing, Harun realizes that his brother is dead. He’s distraught, but no one pays attention to him. Soon after Musa’s death, Mama and Harun decide to leave Algiers and its bad associations.

Who is the ghost in the Meursault investigation?

man Harun

Why did Daoud write the Meursault investigation?

In the same interview, when asked what prompted him to write the book, Daoud stressed the centrality of The Stranger to his identity as an Algerian Francophone writer.

Who is the main character in the Meursault investigation?

Harun is the main character and narrator of the novel. He is the younger brother of Musa and was seven when his brother was killed. Since the death of his brother, Harun felt as if his mother expected him to surrender himself and become a form of Musa reincarnated for her.

How long is the investigation of Meursault?

191 pp

Where is the Meursault investigation set?

man Harun

Who is Harun in the Meursault investigation?

The conflict between brotherly love and resentment is embodied in the two brothers’names: Musa means Moses, who was a biblical hero just as Musa’s murder makes him a hero to his family, but Harun means Aaron, Moses’s younger brother who acted as his spokesman just as Harun now tells his brother’s story, deriving a

Who is Musa in the Meursault investigation?

Camus left Meursault’s victim nameless, but Kamel Daoud gives him a name: Musa. The Meursault Investigation revisits these events, but from the point of view of Harun, Musa’s brother. Giving a name to Meursault’s nameless victim, for Daoud, is about more than just revisiting a minor character.

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