How does the master puppeteer end?

How does the master puppeteer end?

Okada has decided to forgive and trust Jiro, and Yoshida formally offers him a place at the theater. He also says that Jiro’s mother can stay there and be cared for. Kinshi will be taken in by Okada. This is a happy ending for both boys.

What is the master puppeteer called?


Who is kinshi in the master puppeteer?

Kinshi is Yoshida’s son and Jiro’s best friend at the theater. He is the first person that Jiro meets and immediately, he offers Jiro his help. Kinshi tells Jiro that he is a soft-hearted person who cannot stand to see others suffer.

What does Jiro discover at Yoshida’s house when he goes to steal the script?

One morning when Kinshi is late returning to the theater, Yoshida orders Jiro to take his place and operate the feet of an important character in their latest play. When Jiro goes to the storehouse to find a puppet to use for practice, he discovers a Samurai sword and concludes that Yoshida is really the bandit Saburo.

Who is Saburo in master puppeteer?

The identity of Saburo, the Robin Hood-like bandit who helps the poor during famine in Osaka in the late 1700s, is revealed in Chapter 13. It is Okada, the old, blind chanter, the master puppeteer.

Who is Mochida in The Master Puppeteer?

Mochida: A man who works at the theater; chief left-handed operator; oversees the chores and practices of the other boys. Strict but kind. Okada: the blind, wise reciter at Hanaza, revealed to be the also be called Saburo.

What is the person who operates the puppet called?

A person who works a puppet is called a puppeteer, but a person who puppets a marionette is called a marionettist!

What is the marionette controller called?

nɛt]) is a puppet controlled from above using wires or strings depending on regional variations. A marionette’s puppeteer is called a marionettist.

What is the master puppeteer about?

Synopsis. Thirteen-year-old Jiro finds himself caught up in the political events of late eighteenth-century Osaka, Japan when he accompanies his father, Hanji, to deliver a puppet to the Hanaza theater. Yoshida, the owner and master puppeteer, offers to take the boy on as an apprentice

Who was the most famous puppeteer?

All the previous puppeteers had an influence on the man who became the most beloved puppeteer of them all: Jim Henson

Who is Okada in the master puppeteer?

Okada is a blind man who works as the master chanter at the puppet theater. He used to be Yoshida’s master at the Takemoto Theater, but now works for Yoshida. He is a kindly old man who seems to genuinely care for the apprentices.

What happens at the end of the master puppeteer?

Isako and Okada eventually agree to exchange the boys – Jiro to remain with Okada and the theatre, while Kinshi will stay with Isako on the farm – and live a happy life.

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