How do you write the past tense in French?

How do you write the past tense in French?

How do you write past tense in French? The formula to use when you want to write past tense in French is use the present tense of the verb avoir or xeatre + the past participle.

What is past perfect tense with examples?

In the case of past perfect tense, it tells us that an event happened in the past before another event in the past. For example, the sentence Daniel had left by the time Erica got to his house uses the past perfect tense to say that Daniel left his house before Erica arrived.

What are the 4 tenses in French?

French Indicative Verb Tenses

  • Prxe9sent (present)
  • Imparfait (imperfect)
  • Passxe9 simple (simple past)
  • Passxe9 composxe9 (past perfect)
  • Futur simple (future simple)
  • Plus-que-parfait (pluperfect)
  • Passxe9 antxe9rieur (past anterior)
  • Futur antxe9rieur (future anterior)

Sep 18, 2020

What are the 5 tenses in French?

Five past forms, which are imparfait (imperfect), passxe9 composxe9 (compound past), passxe9 simple (simple past), plus-que-parfait (pluperfect) and passxe9 antxe9rieur (anterior past). Two future forms, which are futur (future) and futur antxe9rieur (future anterior).

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