How do you divide factorials with factorials?

How do you divide factorials with factorials?

In simpler words, the factorial function says to multiply all the whole numbers from the chosen number down to one. In more mathematical terms, the factorial of a number (n!) is equal to n(n-1). For example, if you want to calculate the factorial for four, you would write: 4! 4 x 3 x 2 x 1 24.

Can you divide a factorial?

The division of factorials is exactly what it states. It is a division problem with factorials in the numerator and/or denominator. For example, the following expression is a division of factorials: 6! / 4!

How do you simplify division factorials?

Correct answer: Both the numerator and denominator are factorials. If you expanded both, everything would cancel out except for in the numerator. Multiply those together to get 720.

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