Do any Spanish words start with U?

Do any Spanish words start with U?

Spanish words starting with U:Spanish wordmeaning in Englishfeaturesxfalceraulcer{f}xfaltimamenterecently, lately{adv}xfaltimofinal; last{adj}xfaltimofinally{adj}159 more rows

What are some words that start with U?

5 letter words that start with U

  • udder.
  • uhlan.
  • uhuru.
  • ukase.
  • ulama.
  • ulans.
  • ulcer.
  • ulema.

What are some cool Spanish words?

20 Coolest Spanish Words

  • tranquilo Cool, quiet, composed, laid back, chilled out.
  • escuincle Kid, brat.
  • chamba A Mexican word that means work.
  • xf3rale Mexican word that means OK, alright or go for it!
  • dale Argentine version of xf3rale.
  • escopeta A shotgun.
  • genio Literally means genius.

What are 5 easy Spanish words?

Basic Spanish Words

  • Hola Hello.
  • Adixf3s Goodbye.
  • Por favor Please.
  • Gracias Thank you.
  • Lo siento Sorry.
  • Salud Bless you (after someone sneezes)
  • Sxed Yes.
  • No No.

What Spanish word starts with U?

SpanishEnglishxfaltimoultimateun poco debit ofun, unaa, anun, uno, unaone6 more rows

Do any Spanish words start with V?

Spanish words starting with V:Spanish wordmeaning in Englishfeaturesvaca sagradasacred cow{f}vaciarto empty{v}vacilacixf3nvacillation, perplexity, unresolve{f}vacilarto spy on{v} [colloquial]150 more rows

Do any Spanish words start with Y?

Spanish words starting with Y:Spanish wordmeaning in EnglishfeaturesyeguaThe letter Y in the Spanish phonetic alphabet{f}yelmohelmet{m}yemabud; shoot{f} [botany]yemayolk (of an egg){f}148 more rows

What Spanish words start with Z?

Spanish words that start with Z

  • Zaire.
  • Zambeze.
  • Zambia.
  • Zamora.
  • Zanzxedbar.
  • Zara.
  • Zaragoza.
  • Zarzuela.

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