Are snakes primary consumers?

Are snakes primary consumers?

Sample answers: Primary consumers: cows, rabbits, tadpoles, ants, zooplankton, mice. Secondary consumers: frogs, small fish, krill, spiders. Tertiary consumers: snakes, raccoons, foxes, fish.

What type of consumer is the snake?

Tertiary Consumer

Is animals a producer consumer or decomposer?

Animals are called consumers. This is because they cannot make their own food, so they need to consume (eat) plants and/or animals.

Are snakes primary or secondary consumers?

Snakes are consumers. They may be considered to be secondary or tertiary consumers, depending on the particular diet of the snake species.

What type of consumer is a snakes?

Tertiary Consumer

Is snake a primary carnivores?

Snakes are always carnivores. At what trophic level do snakes belong?

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